Club Champions

1958 L.G.Randall1978 D.Hawkins1998 R.J.W.Clayburn2018 P. Kirkwood
1959 L.G.Randall1979 R.Dew1999 R.J.W.Clayburn
1960 L.G.Randall1980 R.Coogan2000 S.M.Lewton
1961 R.A.Hawkins1981 I.Hull2001 J.M.Carey
1962 D.Hawkins1982 R.Coogan2002 M.J.Davis
1963 A.F.Pakes1983 P.Busbridge2003 N.Quinn
1964 L.G.Randall1984 L.D.Watcham2004 P.Kirkwood
1965 R.Coogan1985 I.Hull2005 N.Quinn
1966 R.Coogan1986 I.Hull2006 P.Kirkwood
1967 R.A.Hawkins1987 R.Coogan2007 B.Austin
1968 R.A.Hawkins1988 M.Goodall2008 B.Breheny
1969 S.Evans1989 P.Netherton2009 P.Kirkwood
1970 D.Hawkins1990 I.Hull2010 P.Kirkwood
1971 R.Coogan1991 L.D.Watcham2011 P.Kirkwood
1972 R.Coogan1992 L.D.Watcham2012 B.Breheny
1973 K.Whitfield1993 I.Tottingham2013 P.Kirkwood
1974 J.Griffiths1994 P.Netherton2014 P.Kirkwood
1975 R.Dew1995 P.Netherton2015 L.Charnley
1976 R.Dew1996 P.Netherton2016 R. Hoar
1977 R.Dew1997 L.D.Watcham2017 L. Charnley

Ladies Championship Winners

1966 Mrs M.L.Crew1984 Mrs M.V.Hatcher2001 Mrs C.Nulty
1967 Mrs M.L.Crew1985 Mrs A.Nulty2002 Miss P.Cloonan
1968 Mrs H.M.Murray1986 Mrs E.G.Squires2003 Mrs C.Nulty
1969 Mrs E.G.Squires1987 Mrs P.M.Brooks2004 Mrs B.Quinn
1970 Mrs E.G.Squires1988 Mrs E.G.Squires2005 Mrs B.Quinn
1971 Mrs E.G.Squires1989 Mrs A.Nulty2006 Mrs S.King
1972 Mrs E.G.Squires1990 Mrs A.Nulty2007 Mrs C.Nulty
1973 Mrs H.M.Murray1991 Mrs A.Nulty2008 Mrs B.Quinn
1974 Mrs H.M.Murray1991 Mrs A.Nulty2009 Ms M.Fontaine-Geary
1975 Mrs E.G.Squires1992 Mrs A.Nulty2010 Mrs B.Quinn
1976 Mrs E.G.Squires1993 Mrs H.Bateman2011 Mrs B.Quinn
1977 Mrs E.G.Squires1994 Mrs A.Nulty2012 Mrs B.Quinn
1978 Mrs P.Browning1995 Miss S.Witheford2013 Mrs B.Quinn
1979 Mrs E.G.Squires1996 Mrs S.Darnell2014 Mrs B.Quinn
1980 Mrs E.G.Squires1997 Mrs A.Nulty2015 Mrs B.Quinn
1981 Mrs E.G.Squires1998 Mrs K.Allen2016 Mrs B. Quinn
1982 Mrs E.G.Squires1999 Mrs K.Allen2017 Miss A. Pitts
1983 Mrs E.G.Squires2000 Mrs M.Coleman2018 Miss C. Fontaine-Geary

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